Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Brief Flurry of Applause

11/18-Around 3am

Well DONE, scary dream! After all these years, I thought that you'd run out of ways to make sleep paralysis and the suggestion of a malevolent female presence lurking ever nearer frightening. I mean cmon, that's been done to death. And me. And done to me to my perceived death. But hope, and apparently stark, unreasoning terror, be all springing eternal and shit. And my constant quest to go to bed and STAY asleep is once more derailed, albeit however momentarily, so I can have a bowl of cereal and remind myself that this is a world that has things like child slavery, religious and political intolerance, and Adam Lambert (that's just a random pop culture reference; I really don't know who that is, or care), and not a world of unrelenting, inky blackness and a sticky web of choking phlegm forming a caul over my throat.

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