Thursday, April 28, 2011

Comments...For Reals?

So I've just heard from my players (driven en masse to the blog by my hunger for interaction) that it's apparently impossible, or at least difficult, to comment.

Now, I've had errors in comments on similar blogs (including mine on occasion) in the past, to the point where I always just ctrl-c my comment and then hit preview; after preview it usually works.

But I think I only had those errors with Safari, whereas now I'm a firefox man.

I am curious, for anyone what reads this, if they've had problems commenting--and can use that method to successfully leave a comment. Regardless, I'm looking at either a fix for the comment issue or a change of venue. Especially because I seem to be finding many threads asking for a fix to the comment issue, but none showing that such a fix exists.


  1. Let's see if this works. It does!

  2. Man, glad as I am that that's functional, I already done shifted my brainmeats over to Ego Poisoning with a Wordpress backside, where the comments flow like succulent syrup.

    Join us there, won't you?